755 Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502
Changeling and Kathy Anderson at Flint Spring Contra Prom!

Come for this extremely special Can't-Miss Event as Legendary Caller Kathy Anderson and Changeling join forces at the stunningly gorgeous Flint Masonic Temple!  The music and dancing will be wild and free, the setting perfect, and you will have a fantastic time that will keep smiling all Spring!

Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center, Dowling, Michigan
Changeling and Sarah Van Norstrand at Trillium Twirl!

An Unmissable Weekend of Unbelievable Dance as Changeling brings you the irresitably hot beats that will treat your feet with the joy that lasts all week, and the Fabulous Sarah Van Norstrand bringing you the dances that will have you gliding, stomping, and smiling your way from the first hands four into the last waltz!  Come join us!


Changeling: Live in England

What happens when Traditional Irish Musicians living in the U.S. get called to England to play a dance tour? Share the music, the stomping and shouting, a silly song, the wild insanity, and more!

The Hidden World

Changeling - The Hidden World
The Hidden World is an exploration of the different faces of Celtic Music. It is at once upbeat, accessible, obscure and eerie…and that's quite a trick.


Changeling - Síofra
Síofra is Changeling's first album. Originally recorded in 1994 as a demo, we had so much fun with it that we added a few tracks in 1995 and released it as a shortie CD in January, 1996.

Changeling live on WYSO!

Changeling performs live on WYSO radio!
Listen to the tracks (or download for yourself!)
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