A Changeling New Year in Cleveland

Join Changeling as we give 2017 its send-off with a tear-the-roof-off-the-sucker blowout dance that will carry your spirits into the stars and into the New Year!

93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus OH 43214
Changeling and Kate Power at All Soles

Come join us for a fantastic night of magic dancing and irrestiable beats as Changeling and Kate Power help you to stop and glide on a magic carpet ride that will leave you happy all the way into next week!

755 Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502
Changeling and Kathy Anderson at Flint Spring Contra Prom!

Come for this extremely special Can't-Miss Event as Legendary Caller Kathy Anderson and Changeling join forces at the stunningly gorgeous Flint Masonic Temple!  The music and dancing will be wild and free, the setting perfect, and you will have a fantastic time that will keep smiling all Spring!

Album: Síofra
Changeling - Síofra

Síofra is Changeling's first album. Originally recorded in 1994 as a demo, we had so much fun recording it that we added a few tracks in 1995 and released it as a shortie CD in January, 1996.

Recorded at the Audio Workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio with Roger Cadle at the knobs and sliders, Síofra has the great charm and spark and a few of the rough edges that come from the days when young musicians learn about the studio. It has been praised for its warm feeling, energy and musicality. Everyone's consistent favorites are "Johnny Cope" and "Tripping Up The Stairs."

Síofra is a Gaelic word, and means "Changeling". It's pronounced "SHOW-fra." No, its not terribly original. :-)

Síofra is currently out of print, but we're working on making it available as a downloadable album. Stay tuned!


  • The Train Set
  • Johnny Cope
  • The Ross Memorial Hospital
  • Out On The Ocean
  • The Federals
  • Breton Gavotte Set
  • Star Of The County Down
  • Tripping Up The Stairs
  • The Broken Pledge
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