Acton Folk Center 212 Jefferson St. Berea, KY 40403
Wild Rumpus and Kathy Anderson Bring Berea Dancetopia September 23!

Get WIld Old School Style with a Mad-Trad-Throw-Down-Hoe-Down-Get-Your-Dancing-Shoes-And-Go-To-Town night of dance and grace that will carry you through the week! With the Legendary Kathy Anderson bringing the moves and Wild Rumpus bringing the Mad Mad Beats that will sweep your feet off their feet, its time to tear the roof off and dance it down! Details below!
444 East Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215
Changeling with Darlene Underwood at Big Scioty!

Prepare for a night of Foot-Stomping Wizardry as Changeling brings the throw-down beats to ignite your feet with the Wild-Style Moves of the Matchless Darlene Underwood! Face the music, face the magic, and meet us there! Lessons start at 7:30, dance at 8:00!

Wild Rumpus and Gaye Fifer Light Up the Night in Pittsburgh!

A full weekend of Dance Madness with Wild Rumpus and Gaye Fifer as we bring everything from the highest of rides to the smoothest of glides, unstoppable beats and the amazing moves that will keep you smiling and sighing way into next week! Stay tuned for details!

Changeling Biography
“Pure, electric, magic.”
—Pete Corcoran, AOH, Marietta, Ohio
Changeling Performing Live

Celtic Music is found in many different settings: the thundering of the massed pipes and drums, the power of the great ceili bands, and the intimacy of the kitchen, where a stolen tune at midnight can leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. A duo can move among worlds, creating tremendous musical energy yet keeping the closeness of a quiet conversation.

Changeling presents the fire and stark beauty of the Celtic traditions with (in the words of one fan) "the power of ten in a package of two." They travel from concert halls to dance halls, delighting fans and winning friends with their tunes, songs and stories.

Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, viola)

Deborah Clark Colón

Deborah's skill and emotional depth have earned her national recognition in Irish and Scottish circles for her fiddling on blistering reels, playful jigs and heartbreaking airs. She has been recording and performing professionally for over ten years, from Chicago and New York to the Bahamas. Her tremendous energy and presence in the music keep her in demand as a performer, studio musician and teacher. Deborah contributed outrageous fiddling to the three new tracks on Gaelic Storm's Billboard World-Music Charting Album (#2!) Special Reserve, adding her to the list of traditional Irish fiddlers to record on Nashville's Music Row.

Deborah is a prolific composer of tunes, including "Blue Ash," "The Thirtieth Year," and the notorious "Pizza Reel" on Changeling's latest album, The Hidden World.

Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, odd stories)

Karl Clark Colón (Photo 2014 Nightowl Designs)

Changeling guitarist and singer Karl Clark Colón is the perfect Celt: a delicate cross between a scholarly monk and a professional wrestler. One moment he's quietly hunched over his guitar, eyes closed, creating intimate soundscapes to highlight a lament or slow air, but in the blink of an eye he's stamping, shouting and leaping from the rafters in the spirit of a reel. His songs, stories and humor welcome and enthrall a crowd, helping them to discover that traditional music is best enjoyed among friends.


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