A week of music and dance with Wild Rumpus at the gorgeous Clagett Center in Adamstown Maryland!

Terpsichore's Dance Holiday was founded in the mid-1990s by folk dance families. Dance traditions experienced at Terpsichore include contra, squares, waltz, swing, blues, Morris, rapper, English Country, clogging, and more. 

Terpsichore's Holiday today brings together folk traditions of dance, art, and music into a week-long community. It's a time to get away at the end of the year and try a new instrument, sing a few songs, create an art project, and advance your musicianship. Novice dancers wishing to experience a new kind of vacation are welcome.

The dance week takes place yearly from December 27-January 1. Arrive the afternoon of December 27. Unpack before dinner. Enjoy welcome community gathering and dance. Four days feature classes, community gatherings, and dancing through the night. Grand finale is New Years Eve celebration and dance. Say goodbye after breakfast on January 1st.  

Calendar—upcoming performances and events
Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Boulevard
Glen Echo, Maryland 20812
Feel Fantastic as Wild Rumpus return to Glen Echo

Feel Fantastic as Wild Rumpus return to Glen Echo to Share the Mad Mad Beats That Treat Your Feet To A Night Of Delight That's Out of Sight!

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